“The Drug Lords,” Joel W. Barrows Makes It Again

"The Drug Lords": Joel W. Barrows Makes It Again

by Silvia Meave* Imagine: A pharmaceutical scientist dies in a car accident, and his closest workmate —a young lady— begins to investigate the tragedy after finding out a possible evidence of a murder, while she was poking through the man’s belongings at his office. Simultaneously, the woman crosses paths to…

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Discover Six Major Voices of Feminist Literature

by Linda Napik* Is your personal library lacking in feminist authors? Do you need some recommendations? If you’re eager to discover the major voices of feminism in your reading, these six writers will get you off to a good start. 1. Doris Lessing Doris Lessing, born in 1925, had British…

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LéaLA 2015 Book Fair: Angelenos Want to Read in Spanish

by Silvia Meave* © 2015 Photo Courtesy of Gerardo Jimenez Ozuna/LéaLA2015 used with permission. The 2015 edition of the LéaLA Feria del Libro en Español de Los Angeles book fair beat the previous year success, according to the organizers of this annual event, which is becoming an interesting cultural benchmark…

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‘Deep White Cover’: The Best Debut Thriller for the Season

Deep White Cover by Joel W. Barrows

by Silvia Meave* The intimate challenge of an undercover agent working for thc Bureau of Alcohol. Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) who must deactivate a supremacist, anti-immigrant group at the Southern border of the country is the main plot of  Deep White Cover, a great thriller novel written by Joel W.…

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Edgar Allan Poe’s Devotees Ask to Save Museum in Baltimore from Closing

by Silvia Meave* © 2007 Photo Courtesy of MidnightDreary/Wikipedia used with permission. I knew that the Edgar Allan Poe’s House and Museum in Baltimore may be closed next 2012 due to budgetary problems, just after my first article about this great American author had just been published in Yahoo! So…

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